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Colleen specialises in providing a range of professional Yoga & Prenatal Yoga Classes, to people of all ages in the greater Bondi area. Call today to make a booking or visit the website.

Moving your body into poses and exercises is the most commonly known form of yoga. Through performing a set pattern of movements while placing your attention on your breathing creates a state which relaxes the mind, making you focused, stable and 'present'.

Being 'present' on what you are doing in any one moment relieves stress and helps you develop a sense of mind and body unity and wellness. Yoga not only brings us back to the 'here and now' it also known to strengthen muscles, heighten mind and body awareness and 'cleanse' your internal organs.

PRENATAL YOGA - Prenatal yoga has numerous benefits for you.

It prepares the pelvic muscles, hips & legs for childbirth, helps you process emotions from increased hormonal activity, brings a greater awareness of the breath, how to use it during labour & how to calm yourself, improves circulation, which improves the nutrition to your baby, keeps the body supple and aligned while it changes to accommodate the life within
and keeps you in contact with your unborn child.


Yoga asanas (asana literally means 'posture in which it is pleasurable to remain with attentiveness') have been developed by practitioners over literaly thousands of years as an aid to good physical and mental health, well-being and self realization.

Many of the yoga 'postures' are named after animals which the yogis imitated.

Yoga 'postures' have a number of unique features, which set them apart from other forms of exercise:

    • they stretch and relax nerves, muscles and joints, creating a pleasant feeling of relaxation while increasing flexibility and promoting the free flow of energy through the body.


    • they require a minimum expenditure of physical energy and at the same time contribute to mental attentiveness.


    • they nourish and tone specific and often neglected organs and glands by directing the flow of blood, lymph and mental concentration to that area.


    • The hormones secreted by endocrine glands control our physical mental and emotional states and are balanced by the practice of yoga. By balancing these hormonal secretions, yoga asanas promote optimal physical and emotional conditions.


    • they enable the practitioner to divert the flow of energy to higher centres in the body, giving control over desires.


    • through use of breath they purify the blood and promote calmness, concentration and depth of perception.


    • through use of balance and motionlessness they promote mental steadiness and calm.


    • through strengthening and 'cleansing' your organs of elimination they make the body free of toxins and the mind clear.


  • through strengthening and cleaning the organs of elimination they make the body free of toxins and the mind clear.

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  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy.
  • Diplomas in Remedial Massage.
  • Herbal medicine and nutrition.
  • Advanced diploma of Western herbal medicine.
  • Diploma of Health (yoga).
  • Has teacher training qualifications from Yoga Arts in Byron Bay and has recently completed the Donna Farhi teacher training.
  • Level 3 yoga teacher (highest level).
  • Transference Energy Healer
  • Colleen is also a mum.

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